Calculator: Add Hours & Minutes (Start Time + Hours & Minutes)

If you are looking for the target time after adding hours and minutes to a start time, you will find this calculator useful. Enter the start time, select the hours and minutes and the tool will show you the calculated end time.

The Calculator for Adding Hours and Minutes to a Start Time

Enter the start time first. Use the sliders to select how many hours and minutes you would like to add to the start time. The calculator will show you the calculated end time. If the sum of hours and minutes added exceeds 24 hours, an additional alert will tell you that the calculated time refers to the next day.

Ideas for Practical Uses

If you need to squeeze an activity into your tight schedule, you will like this tool. It will help you quickly plan your day, whether it is about doing errands, accepting a spontaneous appointment or scheduling a few minutes “me-time” – use this calculator to check whether an activity with a given duration works for you and your schedule.  If you like this calculator, go ahead and share it with your friends.