Calculator: Add and Subtract Days (Start Date +/- Days)

Do you need to know the date if you add a certain number of days to today’s date? Do you like to calculate a specific date some days ago? You can use this tool to add or subtract days.

The Calculator for Adding and Subtracting Days

The first step is selecting the start date. Subsequently, you will have to fill in the number of days that you like to add or subtract. A negative number represents a subtraction, a positive number an addition. For instance, if you input 1 day for a start date 24 Dec., the result would be 25 Dec. On the other hand, a number of days of -1 would lead to 23 Dec. as the calculated date.

Ideas for Practical Uses

You are probably coming across the need to add days to a date quite frequently. When you receive a payment notice, for instance, it might be due in 14 days starting from the issuance date. If you might want to mark your calendar, you will need to do the maths first.

However, subtracting days from a given date may also be relevant – for instance if you need to calculate the date of an event in the past.