Calculator for Adding and Subtracting Weeks (Start Date +/- Weeks)

Do you have a fixed number of weeks to complete a task? Do you need to know a date a number of weeks ago? Use this free online tool to add or subtract weeks and calculate the date.

The Calculator for Adding and Subtracting Weeks

Fill in the start date and the number of weeks you want to add. If you enter a positive number, the calculator will add the number of weeks to the start date. In case of a negative number of weeks, they will be subtracted from the start date. You can also enter decimals, e.g. 6.25 for 6 ½ weeks.

Ideas for Practical Uses

Did you do something a few weeks ago and you remember the number of weeks that have passed but not the exact date? Do you need to determine the completion date if you have a number of weeks to work on a task or a DIY project? Are you children asking you how many weeks are left until Christmas? Irrespective of the reason – whether one of these or any other – that has brought you to this page – we hope you have found this calculator useful.