Calculator for Days between Dates | How Many Days between 2 Dates?

If you are scheduling appointments or planning your work or project you will want to know how many days there are between two dates. Use this calculator to determine the difference between two dates in days.

The “Days between Dates” Calculator

Fill in the start and end date. The calculator will automatically show you the results – the difference (“how many days”) between both dates.

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Ideas for Practical Uses

There are multiple uses for and reasons to know the number of dates between two dates. This information can be used for scheduling work or personal projects:

If you receive a long-term task or project in your job with a defined completion date, you might want to get an idea of how many days you have to work on it. The same holds true for your hobby or personal project. Whether you are refurbishing your home, growing plants, learning a musical instrument or working on a DIY project – you will find it useful to calculate how many days are between the start date and the completion or end date.