Calculator for Weeks between Dates | How Many Weeks between 2 Dates?

Are you wondering how many weeks there are between two dates? When you are planning activities, tasks or calculating the preparation time left for an event, it definitely makes sense to look at the number of weeks between the start and the end date. If you need it more granular, check out our “Days between Dates” Calculator.

The “Weeks between Dates” Calculator

Populate the start and end date fields with the respective date values. You will immediately receive the difference between both dates in weeks.

Ideas for Practical Uses

There are a number of situations where you will want to calculate how many weeks are left between two dates. You might want to know how much preparation time is left for events such as a wedding, a birthday, Christmas or Easter. In your job, you might be working on a long-term project – calculating the number of weeks will help you plan and schedule your tasks accordingly.